A Friendship Test, Can We Resist?

A relationship, someday, will face the phase when each member in the relationship circle undergo amount of friction. A lover, business partner, family, friendship, will come to a stage when each of them delivers different requirements that don’t meet with others, and when everybody can not cope the situation, the clash occurs. 

The length of the relationship mostly displays how good the members maintain the relationship. By and by, we get to know the routines, habits, and character of people in the circle. Once we know each other and comfortable with it, the emotional bound starts to rise. Building understanding and tolerance, somehow does not really matter. The feeling of need and being needed keep the relationship into more intimate circumstances: Dependance. 

There will be hard time when the closest people act differently to us. We feel like we don’t interest in the same topic anymore, we don’t argue and then find answer, we don’t laugh at the same people or even we don’t fight of the same enemy. Each of us withdraw ourselves, avoid each other, silence… Maybe we make mistakes, maybe not. It is the time to investigate. Was it clash or just bored?

The different perception may sometimes causes clash. Here, the tolerance and understanding are required, moreover acceptance and apology. When the clash can not occupied dan getting worse; it’s time to start thinking whether it is worth it to stand for it, keep on it or just let it go.

Ordinarily, people will quit. Erasing memories, cost less hurt feelings and sometimes gain pride. But those who choose to survive start to think their dependency toward this relationship. Thinking about alternatives to solve it; put their pride to the lowest level, open their heart, provide forgiveness, risk themselves to save the relationship. This is not easy and need tons of gut to do this. 

There we come with options… it is a test. Should we on or stop right here…? Think carefully, everything has it’s own consequences. 

Dedicated to Noni and Gank Jompo.. 



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