My Dogs

12 o’clock midday, I was about to go home when I saw a black puppy was lying -almost dead- under a tree. He was very small, probably 3 months old and frail. It seemed that this dog was a survival of violence that the boys in my neighborhood usually do to a lost dog.

I brought this poor thing to my house. I insisted to keep him in my house and my mum couldn’t say no. There! I officially had my first dog, my own dog, not my sisters’ nor my brothers’. I named him Boy, heck if I had a reason to name this dog Boy.

Eventually, Boy is not the first dog in my family. When my brother was a boy, he had a female dog named Heli. Too bad that Heli lived only a year, she was hit by a car. It left a traumatic situation for my mum, since Heli was so close with her. It caused she refused to keep another dog to replace Heli.

Boy, became the second dog of my family. I was big enough to take the responsibility to feed him and walk him every morning. I had a great time with Boy until I had to leave home for a couple of years for school. I really wanted to bring him with me, silly, and off course i couldn’t. Boy was sick and dead a while after.

Then came Hugo and Carlos, my own dog in my own house. A golden retriever and a mixed breed. Hugo was very obedient, sensitive and playful on the contrary, Carlos was very stubborn, independent yet playful as well. I didn’t realize that living single with two dogs would take huge responsibility. They made me stop traveling for about 5 years because I couldn’t leave them alone. Well, sometimes I paid people to take care of them when I had to travel but still, it’s just a mater of trust and bad feeling to leave them alone too often and too long.

The bond between me and my dogs was extremely strong. I must admit that my dogs were smart and such a great fellas for me. They could communicate with me well and seemed understand my feelings and verbal words. Having them was wonderful, they gave me a lot in return.

It was a sad thing when I lost them. Hugo was dead when he was 5 and Carlos was adopted by church’s pastoral. I had to let this happen because I must leaving town for some business.

I don’t plan to have any dogs in recent time. It is taking enormous resp:)onsibility to keep them and I think I don’t have that for now. Maybe,… maybe in the future I will keep a basset hound to accompany me when I get old, and living in a farm. :P… Maybe…

Oh, how I missed them a lot!

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