How To Deal With Stupid People


The world is full of shit and sometime it clings to you, you can not see them but surely you can smell them, anywhere, anyhow. Those shits are called stupid people, come disguised and in many forms. It can be your boss, your sub-ordinates, or even your friends. You barely can see their existence until they said something and did “unbelievable” actions over and over again.. And then you recognise those shits.

Frankly, you can’t live life without running unto stupid people, conversely they run to you in purpose. Those lames are  consuming your energy, in fact you don’t have a super power to deal with the chaotic stupidity of those people. They  drive you to your lowest energy level if it continues, it will bring destructive consequences to you, emotionally and physically.

The stupid people fear your ignorance. The emotional feelings; anger, disappointment, irritation, rage that unconsciously showed vividly through your act, amuse them. It turns them on, believe me!


That’s the way you gain your victory. For the God sake, it is not even you versus them. Don’t let them destroy your life. Carry on with your life, chase your dreams, and don’t let them ruin you.

Do your part against stupid people. ignore them.

pict :


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