27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down

I’m wondering if you guys ever been to a situation like, staring at the monitor for hours and have no idea what to write. You write a word, a sentence and then to a paragraph but don’t know what’s coming next. It’s truly frustrating.

As a matter of fact, writing is about the mood and the passion. If you’re in a good mood, ideas will pour like a heavy rain and lead you to a productive, yet passionate writer. Instead, you will stuck in front of the monitor when the mood is dimmed. If it happens, shut your computer down and do something else, for example checking your social media.

I found something that pull my attention on my socmed, a kind of fun video that suggest thingy you should do before settle down. There you go, an idea for writing is popping up. Why wouldn’t I write one?

1. Travel with your bffs.

Checked. My mother inherits this gift to me. She showed me the pleasure of seeing the world since I was a kid, as she said I could learn to live by traveling. I’ve been traveling for my whole life and plan to do so until…. the beyond. I have traveling mates, a group of collating mad people who actually…. exist :). Riri, Didik, Vine, Tj, Suketi. We have accomplished to put our foot print on the most provinces of Indonesia.

2. Learn to cook.

Checked. I love cooking and you won’t believe me if I can make a full set of nice dinner meal. Off course with a great effort and purpose … I did it for my (now ex-) partner :).. one thing I hate about cooking is doing the dishes.

3. Be financially independent.

Checked. I have a good job, insurance… and no debt.

4. Face one of biggest fear.

Unchecked. I won’t confess what my biggest fear here, you will laugh out loud. But I will tell you someday, when I did it. Clue : it is a small, disgusting creature that I don’t understand why it is created.

5. Live alone.

Checked. Since 2005 I live alone, well with my dogs actually. It happened when I suffered from the euphoria of having a new house. It’s like you’re an architect and an engineer at the same time. I was crazy about renovating. The garden, the colour painting, the chamber, the garden… and this house robbed me.

6. Accomplish a goal.

Unchecked. Shit.. I have no goal… rite, a new car will be good for this year’s goal.

7. Find your drink of choice.

Checked. My mum used to drink brandy once in a while. One day, I tried to sip one. I was shocked because it tasted swallowing fire ball sweets; sweet but burning my throat. She run to a fridge and took a can of cola, pour it to a glass, a half of coke and a half of brandy… tada… brandy cola is a choice of drink of mine ever since.

8. Make the first move.

Checked. Many times and mostly I made the first move. I’m kinda of man who is chasing.

9. Challenge yourselves

Checked. What to tell? A big challenge or the small one? The big one would be finishing my novel at the end of this year, the small one would be playing “Almost Is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande with no error.

10. Take a road trip.

Checked. You have no idea how painful your butt when you have to sit for 18 hours in a rocky bus. I did it when I traveled to Pangandaran with my soulmate, Dian. I took a bus from Surabaya at midnight, reached Jogja when the sun rose and continued to Purwokerto. The worst part was from Purwokerto to Pangandaran.  Time to travel from Purwokerto to Pangandaran was longer than Surabaya Purwokerto, despite the fact that it had less distance. The small and bumpy bus we rode tortured us. The hot air, the broken seats, the smell… it killed us! But the pain was paid back when I saw a beautiful beach of Pangandaran.

11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself.

Unchecked. For me, it’s weird to be in a nice restaurant alone.

12. Live somewhere else.

Checked. I lived in Sidoarjo for about 5 years. I had to woke up very very early and ride my motorbike as far as 18kms everyday to go to work. I gave up after 5 years and move back to Surabaya.

13. Learn to drive manual.

Checked. Actually it is a sad story, to be honest I don’t want to talk about it. The point is, I got a sad news when the parking lesson was about to start and I never finished the course.

14. Find a new show and watch it all one weekend.

Checked. CSI is my favourite one and I bought a pile of DVD and watch them during the weekend.

15. Get fit.

Checked. I run nearly everyday and join running club “Kendos”.

16. Build something with your hand.

Checked. When I was a kid, my friends and I loved to keep pigeons as pet. We built its house by ourselves. We bought the material and started to construct it up on the three. It’s pretty cool even it last only a week. The rain and wind took them down and our pigeons run away.

17. Stay up until sunrise.

Checked. You should try one because it is a cool thing to do. I did it accidentally when my friend and I drove through a toll way and took the wrong turn. Instead of finding the nearest exit, we kept driving until the toll road ended. We pulled over, opened the window, smoking and did nothing until the sun rose.

18. See your fav artist live.

Checked. I like Tompi and never missed the show when he is in town.

19. Make a list of books and then read them all.

Unchecked. I randomly select a book for reading and never make the list of it unless for paper works when I was in a college.

20. Learn to fight.

Checked. I practiced Capoeira a few years ago but never used it for a real fight. Well, does capoeira count as a martial art actually?

21. Volunteer.

Checked. My friends and I arranged the distribution of logistic when mount Merapi erupted. We drove to Jogja and distributed it to locals.

22. Try a new hobby.

Checked. My first hobby was painting. I love fine art and delighted my self by staring at the paintings in the art gallery or exhibitions. I used to paint when I was in high school. “Amber” was my first painting. It was a brown spaniel dog painting and I paint it using oil paint on a 60x40cm canvas. Afterwards, I felt in love with photography. I made a beautiful picture of sunset in Labuhan Bajo, Flores and was one of the photograph that was displayed in an expo in Germany. I also love music very much and took a lesson to play piano for about 2 months. I’m not mastering it yet and still practice once in a while. My recent hobby is writing, my project is writing a novel I titled it “Kawisari”. It is a tribute to my mother.

23. Apply for your dream job.

Uchecked. I want to be a president and heck if I applied one.

24. Keep a journal.

Checked. I wrote a journal since I was in junior high scool. It is disgusting and really embarrassed me when I read it again. It is full of shit of a life as a teenager.  My crush, my dream car, my favourite teacher and the secret admirer. lol. To be honest, this journal is the foundation of my writing skill that I have now. Unconsciously, it is developing from time to time because of this habit.

25. Have a long conversation with a stranger.

Unchecked. I always fall asleep when I travel, there’s no chance for me to have a long conversation with strangers. I will try it someday….. of course with the cute strangers 🙂

26. Do something crazy and spontaneous.

Checked. This is exactly what I did like in the video; making a tattoo. I was traveling to Munduk, Bali, early 2013. Ii stayed there for a week. I lived as the locals, working on a padi field from morning to afternoon, I stayed in a local’s house, I ate what they ate, and the most scary was when one of the people in the village passed away…. I had to join the locals for the burial of the body.

I noticed that most of the man in this village had tattoos. As this traveling was conducted by my eagerness to be one of the locals, I asked my friend to take me to a tattoo artist in that village and had one : a cross with the Balinese ornament, inked on my upper back. You had no idea how I battle with my belief since I wasn’t sure whether making a tattoo in the body was allowed, the horrible feeling was torturing but at last, I did it :). God would understand.

27. Get to know your self.

Unchecked. Still on progress. I still don’t know my self well and try to recognise it gradually.

And, a crazy suggestion that is not listed in the video for the last one:

28. Do a crime?

I’d like to do it someday, but not the dirty one. I want to be jailed as a noble man, like protesting to a government until they took me down and jailed. Does it count as a crime?

19 checked and the rest will be my homework 🙂

you can see what inspire me here.


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