10 things I do when I’m home alone.


Alrite, I was having a great time on my weekend. It is Sunday and time for me time, means… writing one or two stories in Sunday afternoon.

Living with parents is always good, but if living alone… that will be awesome. I can do whatever I like without worrying others, and here’s the list of 10 things I do when I’m home alone.

1. Smoking in my bedroom. I have a great feeling when I lie down on my bed with a cigarette on my hand, looking at the ceiling and have a wandering around thought. I don’t have to be worried about the odour that stays on my bed, pillows, and the room itself.

2. Naked. I like sleeping naked, not only because I read some news that sleeping with clothes off is healthy but more to saving my time putting clothes off to bath when my alarm doesn’t work properly… (let’s blame the alarm when you’re deaf).

3. Not taking a bath for…….ever. No one complaint about my smell since nobody knows, unless I make confession to (usually) friends who have the same habit.

4. Cooking and making experiments. I usually do this with my left over. You name it meatballs, french fries, chips.. and tada… a new food is served for breakfast.

5. Inviting friends for sleepover. I love to ask my friends to stay in my house, talking over night, drinking, smoking and laughing until late.

6. Talking to non human. I used to talk to my dogs, not to train them, but literally yes, I talked to my dogs about everything. About movie that I watched the night before, about the music, and even about my crush.

7. Dress up lesson. When I find something interesting in magazine, I try to imitate it. A lined tie with bright shirt combined with black shorts, a yellow shirt combined with a stripes pants, or even a suit with the running shoes… but it never comes to reality. I end up with casual style : a black t-shirt, jeans, and casual shoes.

8. Sleeping for a whole day. And my record is 18 hours sleeping, and I intend to break it… someday.

9. Act like a superstar. It only can happen in a karaoke room and I can do it better when I’m home alone. For you, it sounds weird to sing Maroon Five songs whilst dancing like MJ.

10. Do my thingy thing. I don’t have to explain more about this. You guys know exactly what it is 🙂

So, what’s yours?

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