Commitment Is The New Glossary of Word “LOVE”


When I was in a college, I was likely to build relationship with anyone I physically interested in. I didn’t have specific criteria or term to base the relationship, nevertheless none of my relationship last more than 3 months.

I didn’t say it was bad, I took it as a part of the process to cary on the maturity. As I gradually grow from what I was to what I am, the requirement to choose a partner thrives to complex stances as well. Physical appearance is still taking the first place, still, to be deliberated with the brain, attitude, and way of thinking towards issues, and of course, the maturity.

I find some people that match with those criteria, once in a blue moon.. but none of them lead me to a suitable relationship. It ends with LDR, mostly…. and that’s fnck.

I just wrote in my socmed status just now, that commitment is the new glossary of word “love”. You have guts if you once, decide to enter the hell called LDR. You need to work hard on it. Not only the less physical contact that drives you crazy, but also the temptation (of the chance to cheat) that come and go… which whatsoever brings you to a consideration to carry on the Long Distance RelationSHIT or to end it.

I miss you….


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