Getting to know myself, part… blah blah blah…


I was about to look for an inspiration for my project, when I found an interesting quote about the last born children. It is said that the last born children are class clowns, “what? me worry”-kind of people, performers, or to live the life of parties. Moreover, it is also stated that the last born children are the persistent, yet, extrovert energetic risk takers, it may be also led the last born children for having character such as get bored easily, mean, and aggressive.

I was like, oh yeah this is shitty rite! By some means, I started to reflect on my daily attitude and started to analyse how this thing ensued.

A class clown, extrovert.. What? Me worry?

I never realise that I am a class clown, but when I looked back, I might say that I actually am, a truly class clown. I remember two days ago, I did something silly! It was when I had a new haircut style.  I posted couples of pictures imposing on celeb’s hairstyle. Don’t ask how dumb and silly I was, It was horrible and I didn’t mind at all. As long as I attracted others and got their attention, I didn’t care what others thought about me. Attraction, actually, is the most magnetic term for the last born children. They love to be noticed! Pay them more attention and they will be the most amusing people on earth.

Super creative little monster.

My talent is actually to imitate everything, as this is the natural last born children’s gift. It may be because the last born children are always copycating what their older siblings do. Even, they’re challenged to do it better than others. It may lead the last born children grow as creative little creatures. When I was a kid, my brother and I always competed each other. Every single day, I had to think a better way to do things better than him. Not a surprise that I mostly won the competition. One thing I never won from my brother was the genuineness, for I never discovered an  idea or object to be competed for.

The last born children will never find a genuine idea, instead, the will develop other people’s idea and make it into a fantastic result. The last born children never think to be a something or someone by themselves, but once they are interested and stimulated, they will become everything they desire. Throw them a word then they will make a book. Throw them a kite, then they will make a plane. A natural born creative developer, is their title.

Moody, easily get bored, and an aggressive temperamental angel.

Last born children are known as persistent people, but once they accomplish a mission, they will not do the same mission again. Once is enough. Unfortunately, the most fear of the last born children is the rejection. His mood level will drop into the lowest level when they are rejected. The awful feeling of rejection may turn them into the aggressive kind of person. Wow, it’s like banging my palm to my face. Let me recall and list down my sins.

Relationship.I rarely have a long lasting relationship, this is mostly because I easily get bored. If you find me have a long one (or you want it to be so), it means that I find a partner that is smart, paying full attention to me, able to compete, adventurous, playful and genuine. 🙂

I can be so mean as well, when my effort to get attention is failed. It’s like switching love to hate with a single click… scary!

Traveling. I never visit the same place twice, unless I have something to do and a strong reason to do it again. My travel mates always listen to my advice to set up the destination for vacation. Well, it is the last born children’s advantage to have a natural power to manipulate people. I always redirect them to visit different places when they come to an option to visit a place that I’ve visited.

Hobby. I can’t do a monotonous activity for a long time. I practiced many kind of different things to fulfil my desire of doing something new; drawing, photography, playing music instruments, capoeira, running, and what’s next?

Well, a good lesson for today. May this help me (and others) to understand myself better and to develope myself to be the better one.


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